Mix takes place in Pro Tools. Video and Audio elements are required as follows. Please get in touch should any questions arise.

 1) VIDEO REFERENCE: MOV or MP4 h.264, ProRes Proxy or DNxHD
 2) AAF:  Embedded Media, 10 Second Handles
 3) XML:  “Final Cut Pro XML” of Sequence (V and A tracks)
 4) OTHER MATERIALS (Dailies, Music files, Sound Reports etc.)


  • Start export at 00:59:50:00 for 10 seconds of preroll, first frame of picture at 01:00:00:00
  • Include one-frame head syncpop at 00:59:58:00
  • Include tail syncpop 2sec after Last Frame of Picture
  • Visible Timecode Overlay and Picture Version is appreciated, Small at top left or right corner is preferred (not covering key action)
  • Video Format: ProRes Proxy, Avid DNxHD, or h.264 .mov or .mp4.  
  • Please include audio in your export, it will act as a guide track.
  • Filename should Include consistent version or date
    • example: FilmTitle_R1_v000_yyyymmdd
  • For h.264 The following settings have shown to often play back and scrub well in Pro Tools:
    • Bitrate: 2000 kbps to 4000 kbps
    • Key-frames: every 12 frames, P and B frames: disabled
    • Automatic key-frames: disabled
2) AAF
Sequence Prep
  • Before exporting please un-nest any nested sequences. 
  • Please organize your audio tracks
    • VO / Narration
    • Dialogue A: Primary or Formal Interviews
    • Dialogue B: Verite and Other Dialogue
    • PFX: Non-Dialogue Production Sound
    • SFX: Sound Effects
    • Music: Score
  • If you have muted clips on the timeline: Many systems will properly export, but we’ve had occasional compatibility problems. We may wish to run a test. If working in Premiere, it’s always safe to unmute and keyframe-down volume for clips you want to include without them being heard.
AAF Export Settings:
  • Mixdown video: NO
  • Breakout to Mono: ENABLE
  • Sample Rate: 48000
  • Bits per Sample: 24
  • Format: AIFF
  • Render: Trim Audio Files
  • Handle Frames: 240 (ten seconds)
  • Include Pan: YES  (if setting available)

OMF is also acceptible, though AAF is usually preferred. For OMF, use same settings as AAF.

3) XML

An edit list enables us to analyze changes between versions, and can save time with reconforms and cutdowns.

  • Final Cut Pro XML of Sequence
    • In Premiere, first be sure the sequence is selected (not the entire project)
    • Select menu item:  File/Export/Final Cut Pro XML
    • Please include this for each picture handover, it helps with conforms and locating clips
  • In AVID, an AAF of the entire sequence with all V and A tracks can be exported without including media. In many cases, the AAF used for sound will suffice and no additional file is required.

Please include folders for

  • Room Tone
  • Wild Sound
  • Complete music cues, any pertinent dailies, sound reports, etc.
  • We can provide a secure upload link upon request, for files and folders of any size.
  • You are of course welcome to use a file transfer service of your choice.
  • Google Drive is difficult to download from, so is not preferred.
  • Physical media such as USB3 disks also accepted at 245 Hyde Street, SF 94102.